By Layton Lolo 07 November 2016, 12:00AM

What do you say to someone who has helped you?

Someone who has changed your life for the better?

Obviously you thank them

But what if words aren’t enough?

Except that’s all you have?


Do you do something for them?

Something that truly shows how grateful you are?

If it’s possible, then I guess you ought to do it

But perhaps you second think?

Is it appropriate for someone so magnificent?


Should you tell your gratitude on paper?

Or in person, face to face?

I guess it depends on how much it would mean to them

But is that still enough?

Will you point and need be reached?


I think in order to reach such requirements

One must ask a simple question

How much is enough?

Is thanking someone by giving them a million dollars?

Or with the effortlessly spoken phrase, ‘Thank you’?


Silence benefits no one

Words have power

Actions give understanding

Appreciation displays emotion

But love for someone who deserves it is more than enough



Have you ever met that type of person in life that was just a really good friend?  Or someone who came into your life and changed it in miraculous ways simply by being there with you?  Or perhaps a person that has always been there and you only are now realizing their positive influence in your life?  Did you ever thank them?

In my life, there have been countless people who have helped me, some even did so without me knowing and I never got the chance to thank them for that.  I remember times and trials where people have helped me get through them and while looking back at them I can’t help but think the question, what if they were never there?

I realize now that without those people I would never have made it through any of those moments because they were simply too difficult for me to accomplish.  There are a couple people in particular that I know have influenced my life so much that I believe I would not know what to do with my life.

These people have mentored me and encouraged me into discovering what I truly love to do and want to do with my life; they have helped me find the very thing I want to base my future career on.  They are extraordinary people and I know I wouldn’t have found this motivation and inspiration as quickly as I did.  So to them I want to thank them again and again for their commitment toward me and the love and praise they have given me to work and grow to what I am now.  Sadly these good people will be leaving beautiful Samoa to return to their home in the sates, but if plans fall into place, I won’t be very far from them I the future.

Now I guess this is where I advise you on what to do after you finish reading.  And that would be to not take for granted the people in your life for they are more important than keeping us company or entertaining us.

So don’t forget to thank the many people in your life.  

And a little advice on that would be to don’t hold back; you are the only one who limits how much you do.  

Let loose your feelings and gratitude for them and remember that just letting someone know how much you love them is more than enough.

By Layton Lolo 07 November 2016, 12:00AM

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