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Re: Essential reading for Samoa

That is not correct and it borders falsehood.

There is one Church that was founded by Christ and that is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith. Rome is where Peter (Cephas/Rock) died, being Crucified upside down. 

Paul also suffered martyrdom in Rome.

Martin Luther who was a German Catholic Priest/Monk is the father of all Protestant sects that commenced in 1517 ushered in the Protestant Reformation, thereby, rejecting Rome and the already existed Church/Faith.

As we know that the Church came before the Bible (Books) were written, not everything that Christ did was written into the books. Martin Luther rewrote the Bible and discarded many other books that affirm the authority thereof and therefrom.

In 1845, the Catholic Faith was brought to Samoa. European Protestant missionaries landed in Samoa prior to their arrival and mislead the people with their hatred of Catholicism.

They spread “falsehood”, especially the propaganda of “Papal” adherence and to rejected outrightly.

Nafanua’s prophecy is correct; however, it is not attributed to any Protestant sects/religion, but to the One and true Faith.

Who founded your Church and by what authority do you speak regarding taxes on who pays or who doesn’t?


Nafanua Salamasina Malia Seiulii So’o Muagututi’a

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