Samoa: Relaxation in every meaning of the word

People come to Samoa to relax. 

And that goes for everything – including dress code.

In Samoa, Breanna and Lehua find themselves not being pressured or stressed on what style of clothes to wear or always judged for their appearance. 

This, for them, has made their stay in the islands more enjoyable. The fact that they both have families here in Samoa made them more connected with this country.

For Breanna, Samoa is not only a holiday destination, but also her first visit to her motherland. 

She grew up in California, but Samoa is the place she calls home. 

“My dad is very American, he has been raised there, so America is his home now, like it is for me,” she shared with Dear Tourist.

Her dad was born in Samoa but left when he was seven. He was not able to travel, so Breanna did not want to come here without him.

“I wanted to come here, because I am half Samoan, but never found the right time or opportunity to come. I knew I will make it here one day.” 

She finally made it with her uncle and sister and a huge band of family members. They arrived on the island on Sunday to celebrate one of their cousin’s wedding.

 “We are here with 10 people,” Breanna explained. 

For the pair from California, U.S, being in Samoa is surreal.

“Absorbing everything and taking everything. There is so much to see.” 

Samoa has more to give then the two could absorb in just two days.

The differences between Samoa and California are huge. 

“The relaxing and easy atmosphere here is nothing compared to California,” Lehua said. 

“California is a very fast place and very dry as well. It is nice and refreshing and very green here in Samoa. I did not expect it to be so green everywhere. There are trees and water everywhere. And people walk all the time, in California they drive.”

An even bigger difference is the priorities in life compared to the United States. 

Breanna explained: “In California, it is more materialistic and what is more important is how you look. Who has the nicest clothes, but here no one cares about that. It is just like you can wear what you want, no one cares and you can as well be barefoot all the time. It is great.”

For Lehua, it is not a totally different place because she is half Hawaiian. Her mother grew up there and she visited Hawaii most of the time. 

“Every time I leave, I want to stay in Hawaii, so I had that feeling of home in Hawaii, it is part of me. When I stay at a different place, there is always something that pulls me back,” she explained. 

“Here it is kind of similar, but not as commercial as the American island. But still the friendly hospitality and all the green landscape are very similar to Hawaii.” 

“In Hawaii, I feel it is a little bit more touristic then it is here. The buildings and the way the houses are made, with all the electrics are not the same like in Hawaii. In Hawaii, we have like regular houses not like here where you have the Fales.” 

They are happy to be here and they promise to return.

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