Anger: good and bad (Part 2)

Think a minute…Yesterday we learned that most of our anger comes from our selfishness and pride being offended when things don’t go our way. 

But not all anger is bad and wrong. Sometimes anger is greatly needed and good. If I don’t hate the wrong and bad, then I don’t truly love the right and good. Remember, “All it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing.”  Mankind’s greatest victories over injustice and evil in the world were accomplished by the power of good anger and courage. 

When Abraham Lincoln was a young man, he saw a slave market where people were being bought and sold like animals. He became so angry that he said to the crowd there: “This is wrong! And if I ever get a chance to hit it, I will hit it hard!” Finally he became the U.S. president and used his good anger and political power to help abolish slavery in America. 

William Garrison, who also fought the evil of slavery, said: “I saw in the hopeless face of each slave the shadow of God’s face.” Garrison understood that all men and women are made in God’s likeness, and often said: “I will not back down a single inch” from this good fight!  

Military hospitals were horrible places for sick and dying soldiers, until Florence Nightingale improved them. People said she was not just a gentle angel of mercy, but she was also a fearless fighter, full of righteous anger at the wrong, unfair treatment of wounded soldiers who had sacrificed themselves for other people’s freedom.  

Our good anger comes from our God-given conscience to know what is good and right—so we stand up and speak against what’s wrong and evil, such as the abuse of women, children, and the poor, as well as corruption and dishonesty. Never forget, Jesus Himself was extremely angry at all the many evils in the world and our sinful human hearts. Because He is truly and completely good, He hates what wrong and sin does to deceive and destroy our lives. 

Won’t you ask Him to help you control and use your anger for what is right and true? Jesus will help you grow in your conscience and character, so you have only good anger at what is wrong and evil, and courage to do something about it. Just think a minute…

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