What language do you speak?

Think a minute…A woman was telling her husband that she wanted him to tell her more often that he loved her.  Her surprised husband said: “Tell you what?  Woman, when I married you 17 years ago I told you ‘I love you’. If I change my mind, I’ll let you know!”

 They say that there are 5 languages of love. And the reason many marriages are not happy is that husbands and wives speak different languages to express and show their love. The problem is we simply haven’t learned each other’s love language.  For example, have you ever wished your wife or husband would do something special that would mean a lot to you, but instead they did something else that they like, so you felt hurt and disappointed?  You see, it could be that neither you nor your mate has learned each other’s love language. Since we each are different, whatever makes you really happy may not be the same for your wife or husband.

Here are the 5 main love languages people use to show love.  First, is serving and doing things for your spouse—like cooking a meal, cleaning house, helping with the kids, or cutting the grass.  Second, is physical touching and closeness. Being affectionate and expressing love physically.  The third language of love is giving gifts, like surprising your wife or husband with presents, not just on their birthday or anniversary.

The fourth language of love is talking. Actually telling your wife or husband how much you love and appreciate them. Saying things that make them feel good about themselves and secure in your love for her or him. Getting to really know how your wife or husband is understanding and feeling what they’re going through by talking and listening each day.  And the fifth language of love is spending time alone together without the kids. This could be taking walks, going out on a date for a meal, or whatever the two of you enjoy doing together. And if you don’t know, then find something! Be willing to compromise once in a while and do what your wife or husband enjoys for a change.

If husbands and wives would learn each other’s love language and start loving each other the way the other person wants to be loved, we’d have much closer, happier marriages and families. But because we’re human and mostly self-centered lovers, we need Jesus Christ to forgive us and start changing our hearts. It’s only then we can learn how to love our mate well, and enjoy a happy, satisfying life together.  Just Think a Minute…

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