“Nice People or New People”

Think a minute…What if you and I went on the exact same diet of vegetables and fruits? We drank 8 glasses of water and did the exact same exercises every day. Would that make you and me look exactly the same, like twins? Of course not!

But many people do just that when they look at Christians. People see a Christian who is not perfect and has a fault and they say: “You cannot be a Christian. You should be like Mary. She doesn’t act badly like you do.” Or they say: “Why aren’t you like John, he’s much more patient than you are.”  But you see, just like being on the same diet and exercise program doesn’t make you and me look exactly the same, no 2 Christians look and act exactly the same.

When somebody sincerely decides to accept Jesus’ gift of forgiveness and new life, they just start obeying and living Jesus’ way every day. Jesus says that very day they have become a true, born again Christian and child of God.  Jesus never said: “First, clean up your act! Get a haircut, some church clothes, and a good job, and only then will I accept you.”  

No, that is not what Jesus says! Jesus said: “Come to me just as you are!”  Because it’s only after we decide to become God’s children by asking Jesus to forgive us and take full charge of our life, that He can start changing our heart, character and way of living.

Think a Minute…


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