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Local but no niu 

Here’s the thing. You go to a some local restaurants and they make a big deal out of them using local ingredients for their food. 

Which is fine. In fact it’s fantastic because that’s how it should be.

But then you ask for a niu (green coconut) and they tell you they don’t have it.

And yet all they have to do is climb the coconut tree just outside the fancy restaurant and you have a niu.

 Come on, common sense please!


Senseless bus drivers 


Can the good folks at L.T.A. or the Police do something about these senseless bus drivers who stop anywhere on the road without any warning whatsoever?

They have become real road hazards, ones who must be dealt with urgently because someone could get hurt real soon.

They have made a habit of just stopping in the middle of a busy road and not caring at all about the other motorists whom they are inconveniencing.

The worst part is when they do it infront of these L.T.A officials and Police officers who don’t do anything at all about it. Seriously?


Here we go again 

As if we don’t have enough hotels operated by the business community, the Government is once again investing in a Bed and Breakfast, this time at Mulifanua. Haven’t they learnt anything from the Samoa Land Corporation’s Malifa Lodge built prior to the S.I.D.S. conference in 2014?

At the time the S.L.C. believed the private sector could generate more income for the Corporation. Well that wasn’t the case.

And the rest as they say is history.

Stay tuned!


Two wrongs 

The deaths of the two babies in Savai’i is undoubtedly a very sad moment for Samoa. It is especially a sad time for the families involved. 

And with everyone pointing the fingers at the vaccine and the health workers, spare a thought for the woman who injected the baby.

BTL doubts she had set out to hurt anyone. 

But with what has happened, her life has changed and that includes having to be relocated for her safety. This is very sad. 

We know people are angry but two wrongs don’t make a right.


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