Father wants better facilities for school

By Talimalie Uta 04 September 2017, 12:00AM

Our children are our priority and giving them the best education should always be the focus. 

But a Seufatu Alanepi, 60, said the villages should be equipped with a lot more resources to allow young people to realise their full potential in education. 

He was talking about modern learning equipment like laptops and computers and so forth. 

He also wants a better building for their primary school, as he said it is in a very poor state at the moment.

 “As you can see, in our district, we have so many resorts,” he said. “These resorts have offered so many employment opportunities to our people, and I’m thankful for it.

“We need to prepare our young people better.”

To do that, they need better schools.

“Life is just great here in Lotofaga,” he said. “The one issue that has been bothering us for a very long time is our Primary School building.

“Last year, our village received a warning from the government that our primary school will be closed if we don’t work on improving our toilets facilities

“When we received that warning last year, we started sending many requests to small organisations for help.

“However, I guess it has fallen into deaf ears… so we are on our own. 

 “So, for now, our village council has no other options but come together and support our village by funding it on our own.

“Right now, we the matai are doing fundraising every week so we can repair broken parts of our school building, mainly the bathrooms.

Asked how much they need, he said: “About $30,000. Even the matai of our village living overseas; they also get to contribute to this.

“We are all doing this because we care for our children and we don’t want them to lose hope as they are at a stage of exploring greater opportunities.”

Apart from that, Seufatu is happy with everything.

“Nothing is wrong with life these days,” he said. “It is going smoothly.

Seufatu is a father of four. Some of them are in New Zealand.

By Talimalie Uta 04 September 2017, 12:00AM

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