China and the loans to Samoa

Dear Editor

Re: Complete rubbish 


Let me tell you PS Jeffrey that “Siaosi Siomia” and “Oi Sole” are not the same person. So you have begun with a lie.

That is why you have to be 100% sure before you say/write something otherwise you lose credibility but I will forgive you on this as this is not important.

(1) For the past 200 years most foreigners were from U.K.,U.S., N.Z., Europe but not many from China. 

Most of Samoan families have moved to N.Z., Australia and the U.S.

Do you have any family in China?

(2) The new Chinese are from modern China.

They are riding on loans and grants given to the government of Samoa.

That is the price we pay if Samoa government has no true leadership or vision for the people of Samoa for the last 30 years.  Foreigners in the past that came and stayed was because of the people of Samoa.

The Chinese coming in now is through the Samoa government. There is a difference.

(3) The loans only benefit the government (H.R.P.P. party). The service level of government is way below standard even if there is a new building or a faleo’o.

The airport does not bring in thousands of tourists. It is the airlines that do.

What is the use of a $20million upgraded airport when only three planes arrive a day?

(4) Why didn’t the government borrow within its means and build Samoan fales.

These new Chinese buildings are already cracking and quickly falling apart.

That old German Court Building was done 100years ago or so and was very cheap too. You must be joking or on something when you say

“A well functioning government promotes a better running and more efficient government.” 

Samoa government efficient?

Only if it benefits them. HA! The cheaper way to remove those cockroaches was to buy a fly spray.  Those cockroaches will be back at the Courthouse but now that it is computerised they will look for something else to eat.

(5) Loans are not affordable for Samoa.

No loan is affordable. Samoa does not collect enough money to pay back the loans.

The rest is blah blah blah because only an overseas Auditor can prove all this to be true because this is coming out of the government.


Siaosi Siomia

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