Under the surface

Think a Minute…Remember Greg Louganis? The young, strong, superstar athlete who won gold medals in all his events at both the 1984 and 1988 Olympics. He was the first athlete in history to do it, and was elected to the Olympic Hall of Fame.

But at the Olympics, no one ever suspected that under the surface Greg Louganis’ body was full of AIDS. It’s true that you really cannot know what’s inside a person just from looking on the outside.

Many people are not what they appear to be. For example, that tough football or rugby player you know may actually still be an insecure little boy on the inside, because he could never be good enough for his hard, strict father.

That shy young woman you see around town might still be a broken, hurting little girl, because she was abused by her uncle or stepfather when she was young.

Maybe even that 60-year-old political leader or successful businessman is still full of hurt and anger from when he was badly treated as a child because of his skin color, or because he grew up in a poor family.

Many people look strong and mature on the outside, but inside they’re still hurting emotionally and need healing. They still have deep wounds, scars and painful memories of terrible things that were said or done to them when they were young children or teenagers.

Friend, if you’ve been living with pain, fears or anger from what people said or did to you in the past, these hurts and bad memories can be like chains that hold you in prison emotionally.

Well, Jesus Christ sure knows how you feel. Jesus is probably the most hurt, abused person in history. His own family thought He was crazy, and His own people had Him tortured and killed as the worst of criminals.

But not only does Jesus understand and feel your pain, He’s also the One Who can heal your broken heart and painful memories. So today, why don’t you put your whole life, including your painful past, into the strong, healing hands of Jesus? He’ll even help you forgive those people who hurt you.

Then, you’ll finally be free from your emotional pain and prison to start living the full, new life Jesus has planned for you. Just Think a Minute…

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