By Admin Peršon 04 January 2016, 12:00AM


A blur; a glimpse

A shadow in our minds

A cry in the dark

Strange riddled rhymes


A ghost of the past

Words unsaid

 A feeling we can’t explain

A story unread


A face among darkness

Her eyes a cold, humble blue

Her gaze unwavering

As if she’s seeing through


Seeing through me

And all my imperfections

Comparing my starting point

To my final destination


Her face disappears

I move on with my life

Her picture, never far from my mind

For it helps me bear my strife


Yet know I can’t stop thinking of her

See’s stuck in my head

She’s caught in my mind

Like the eye of a needle to a thread


I hear a song

I hear her voice there

I look at the stars

I picture her there


I go to sleep

She appears in my dreams

In everything I do

She’s there; though it seems


She’s unknown to me

Another mystery I hold

But that is what I live for

If I might be so bold


I live to find the mysteries in life

So I can be free

“Why?” and “How does it free you?” you might ask

Well, that’s just another mystery!


Do you ponder on things you can’t explain?  Do you seek for the answer to questions you can’t comprehend?  Are you completely mind boggled at certain things in your life?  If so, then you are discovering the mysteries and wonders that surround us and the world we live in.

I have come to love mysteries and the commitment that we have to put in them in order to not only help us solve them but make it more a part of us and more personal.  I wrote this poem mainly based upon a dream I once had, which is where a lot of my inspiration comes from.  The dream took place in a big dark mansion and I was lost among all its thousands of rooms, in the dark, with no light to guide me and no company at all.  I wonder the rooms in search of a way out yet to no avail.  The night seemed to be locked in place keeping darkness over the mansion and there always was another corner to take or another dead end in my way.

After hours of trying, I slumped down against a wall with my hands over my face and was about to give up when I heard a voice say, “Follow me, it’s this way!”  I glanced up in a hurry to see who had spoken only to see a blur turn a corner.  I jumped to my feet asking the person to wait and slow down.  I followed the sound of the persons voice as it always stayed at a distance just enough so I could see which way it was going but far enough that I couldn’t get a full picture.

Finally I turned a corner that took me to a corridor lined with pictures on one side, and windows on the other that let in the light of the moon.  As I walked down the hallway with caution, I saw a doorway with two interlocking doors with one door wide open.  Shrouded by the shadow of the corner I had just turned, the person that lead me said, “There’s you exit!  Now go before you get lost again!”  I again saw a blur quickly turn the corner and try to run off, but before it could, I reached out to stop the person from running so I could get some answers.

I grasped the persons arm and pulled it towards the light.  Immediately I was greeted by the face of a girl which startled me making me let go.  But she didn’t run, she just stood there in the light with everything but her shoulder and her head in the shadows.

I then asked, “Why did you help me?  She merely replied, “Because you needed help!”  When I looked closer, her face had something familiar about it yet at the same time it still was the face of a stranger.  “I then asked “Who are you?”  But the only answer I got was, “Well that, my dear sir, is a mystery!”  And with that she disappeared into the dark.

I made my way outside onto a far of hill.  I turned back in time to see the sun rise light up the mansion from behind.  The dream ended when I turned back towards the mansion.

I guess the main reason I shared this was because I wanted to tell you, whoever’s reading, that mysteries are all around us and we only need time to stop and enjoy them while they last, like the mysteries in school, at home, at church, or simply in life.

Even though the girl in my dream was fake I still wonder if she was based off a real person in my life, or perhaps she’s just another mystery to be solved.

By Admin Peršon 04 January 2016, 12:00AM

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