It comes down to unconditional love

Dear Editor,

Re: Senior lawyer rejects customary lands threat 

I respect your views as every human being are entitled to their opinion. Maintaining that balance between the left and the right is the hardest thing to do. That’s why the ancient wisdom knew that the center, midpoint, bulls eye, center of gravity is the only way that will maintain equilibrium and stability. 

The left meeting the right at the halfway point to create an equal distance of compromise to create a wholesome synergy. 

The law of opposites is nature’s law that is necessary for us to share opposing ideas to come up with a better solution to a problem in the political realm. This notion is well explained by the law of physics; that is hidden in the scriptures, mythology, nursery rhymes, astrology, philosophy, numerology etc. As the Egyptians said that all is “Atum”. 

Adam was the first man that God supposedly created. Just bear with me Wendy as I try to make my point. The story of creation is not literal it’s literary. Atum, Adam and “ATOM” are synonymous. They are the same thing which created the basis of everything we see, touch and feel and things that works behind the seen that we don’t see ( metaphysical). 

The literal Christians took the story in face value and ran with it and profiting from the beautiful poetry hidden in the scriptures and enslaving the masses from it. That’s why I’ve been very critical about organized religion. Anyways getting back to my point. Atoms have three components; Protons, neutrons and electrons. 

The threesome in the myth of the God head. That’s why they said that God is feminine and masculine; the duality of God. Proton is negative (masculine) and electron positive (feminine) and neutron is neutral. 

The neutron is the still light or the aether that act as a mediator if you will to control the flow of positive and negative ions forming two types of bonding; covalent and ionic bonding. light doesn’t travel in straight lines but travels in sound wave according to Walter Russell that debunked that light travels in straight lines. 

Of course you never heard of him and Nikola Tesla because the system of control don’t want you and I to know the truth. Science is the best way to understand how the divine presence of the universe that some people call God works.

The duality of opposing elements of positive and negative is the basis of creation of this world. It’s in the political realm as in the left vs the right as well as in the world as we see it.

Dielectric light (neutron) with it’s antagonist polarity of electricity (electron) and magnetism (proton) are the building blocks of our DNA, without these elements nothing ever existed in this beautiful paradise called earth that we live in. Capitalism and socialism are two opposing ideology; what comes in between to fill the void of the two systems to create a balance system is unconditional love.


Leituala Roger 

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