Diet is spiritual and metaphysical

Dear Editor,

Thank you editor for highlighting the obesity problem in your editorial. Good points. Yes, we are what we eat and sadly we eat too much of too much bad stuff. 

I’m a vegan and I can only encourage people to go down this path for a more healthy and life-positive regime. 

Self-discipline is a mental exercise, you have to challenge yourself to not eat certain foods and you have to go back to basics. Eat one main meal a day. Snack on nuts, popo, esi, vi, Limu, ufi, etc., drink pure water. 

Fast daily, remember one main meal, pre meal snacks on healthy fruit and nuts etc. Cut out sugar, all dairy, all meat, all seafood. Supplement diet with green shakes and raw vegetables. 

Meditate daily, do aerobics based exercise in morning, anaerobic, weights in evening. 

Diet includes what you digest mentally as well as emotionally, so let go of stuff, educate your mind and be “woke”. People can eat emotionally and it’s a way of coping with all manner of trauma, abuse, etc. 

Diet is also spiritual and metaphysical. Eat light, breathe light. Eat song, be song. Vibrate at a high vibration of love. Elevate yourself through self enlightenment and you will find health and happiness. Get well again Samoa!


Auimatagi S.

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