The tribal country of Samoa

Government employees in reality, are the top of the roost. 

What they decide will make us or break us. So that, when matters pertaining to our roads for instance are important, we can imagine behind closed doors the meeting of a king and his counterparts. 

The meeting would be as follows, “I am king Booga-booga. I know your father. And I did not like him before. I don’t like him now.” 

He points into the eyes of the haggard looking man standing against him to say,

“ So, no, the tars for the road is expensive. “ 

With that he coughs, spits to the side and yells out, 

“NO ROADS! Meeting adjourned. ”

The comedy is over, as Beethoven would say of his own art. 

We seem to be out of ideas. 

Or at least, the ones with ideas are not encouraged or heard. 

But the comedy continues, when a particular and well respected leader of the tribe would say, 

“ Well, let us all invest in this project. The airport project, because….my son is very good.” 

The thing is, politics like our education systems in the entire world are old too. Our children know more than us of the internet, and all those informative tools. 

Children learn more of the world and faster too, than we have ever seen before. Have you seen how adults behave on Facebook? Mind boggling. The children are the nicer people anywhere. At least the ones who do not bully like their parents do at home.

But we have to change politics like we need to change the education system. I would begin by replacing soft chairs with wooden based chairs to straighten the backbone and let the blood flow straight to the brain. That way, consulting in air condition rooms becomes less frantic, as each participant will have listened and understood the other. 

Rule of the game, in a cold room is to not have an overheated conversation, ever. So that when someone who is emotionally weak needs to breathe, he is not humiliated first before he bows out of the comedy entertainment, where issues are rarely touched but rather, played with. 

The other benefit of wooden chairs would be to take away the pillow effect most of us work with in the hot islands. Waking up is a good thing. Now is more efficient given the children’s sad eyes.

Of the rising poverty, the bad roads, the children with sad eyes on the streets of Apia, the crimes and escaped prisoners, we can celebrate with modesty our resilience. That would be wonderful for a peaceful country and the closing of the year. 

To swallow with patience the irresponsibility of those we have voted into responsible roles. So that when they decide on things like a payroll rise for the stagnant sectors of government, you do not question it, till the carpet of life unfolds. When does it unfold, you ask me? 

If a sad eyed child comes to me, I would blindly talk about ambition, to say the least. As if she would understand me, I would say, as I unfold the carpet of a free life,

“ Do you dream of a free education? When you grow up or if you get ill now, do you wish you had health insurance? Do you think you would appreciate counsel for your parents because they seem to need it? Do you want to be a healthy individual?“ 

All that blindfold talking would run down the drains of Apia, into the sea, to meet the sails of ancient navigators. Whom by the way, in some other islands similar to us, had used the majestic sensitive scrotum to make sense of the tidal directions. 

Who knew life would be so full of common sense, but if we had only listened? But we have continued the same talk from those tribal years. 

When we would, as king Booga-booga cause a dramatic scene, only to be slapped on the back for his marvelous display of buffoons. 

Oh yes, it is also called the Backslapping Culture and well, God speed.

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