Fear of success

Think a minute…A successful man said: “Half of life’s mistakes come from hitting the brakes too soon after you start moving.” Sadly, many of us make that same mistake that damages or even destroys our success.

We are afraid to “go for it” because we think about the things that might go wrong. We stop ourselves with the “paralysis of analysis”. “To do nothing for fear of making a mistake may be the biggest mistake of all.”

Some of us are more afraid of succeeding than we are of failing, because if we succeed we might have to change—even if it means changing for the better.

We prefer to stay in our comfort zone and not take risks, so we end up cheating ourselves and settling for a life less than what we could have.  

Others of us do not go for what we want in life because we fear being rejected. Like the guy who asked a woman what he needed to do for a little kiss. She answered: “Knock me out!” Rejection hurts!

But remember, no one is liked by everybody. Plus, people who do not really know you usually have wrong opinions of you anyway. “Only you and God know all the facts about yourself.” So we should not let the fear of rejection and people’s opinions stop us from going for the best. As someone wisely said: “The formula for failure is trying to please everybody.”

Another common fear that stops us from making the most of opportunities for a better life is our fear of failure. “The worst failure we can commit is the failure to even try.” Ironically, “The greatest risk is never taking one.” Making a mistake just shows you had the courage to try to do something.

It is only successful people who fail, because they are the only ones brave enough to go out and do something with their life.

“There is a big difference between the man who says ‘I’ve failed a few times’ and the man who says ‘I’m a failure.’ You’re never a failure until you’re satisfied with being one.”

Would you like to be free from your fears that keep holding you back? It may be your fear of failure, rejection, people’s opinions, or any other fear that is paralyzing your life. Right now, ask Jesus to take control of your heart and daily way of thinking and living.

He can fill you with His freedom, faith, and wise judgment to start seeing and seizing the opportunities He brings your way. Just think a minute… 

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