Government is obviously desperate

Dear Editor,

Re: Desperation or just lacking prudence 

Yes the Samoa government is obviously desperate and clearly lacks prudence. We see it daily in Samoa unless your eyes are painted on your face or you are deliberately looking the other way or you got an education (multiple degrees) and yet acting dumb.

We have a stubborn P.M. that has long passed it’s used by date.

But the stubborn P.M. keeps inviting himself into power without a single vote.

The stubborn P.M. and His cohorts who live off the debt live like they are in Disneyland while the rest of poor Samoans are scraping the earth and scouring the sea for any food to eat or begging.

There are many, many Samoans who lack the basic needs (water, electricity, education, food) and have not benefited from the $2billion debt. 

The desperate government is now taxing the Faifeaus which really is indirectly taxing the poor people of Samoa who donate their hard earned talas every Sunday. 

Here’s my solution: 

(1) Reduce the government size (Parliament and all government workers) to less then a quarter.

(2) Remove all corruption in government.

(3) Increase businesses in Samoa by promoting honesty and fairness.

But for this to happen the stubborn P.M. has to step down gracefully and allow Samoa to prosper.


Siaosi Siomia

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