A very ill-informed opinion

Dear Editor,

Re: U.S. and climate change 

Your comment Niuveve is very ill-informed on many levels. 

So what are you saying? Samoa should shut up about international issues? 

Why then should Samoa even participate in international forum? 

Why regain control of our sovereignty and independence if we do not have a voice in the world we all share? 

Yes, China is one of the large emitters contributing to global carbon emissions, but in terms of per capita the U.S.A comes on top. 

China did not drop out of the Paris Agreement, U.S.A did. 

So what if China is lending a helping hand to Samoa in the form of loans? 

I don’t see the U.S.A government stepping up to give us loans. 



China is now leading the world in renewable energy technology production and is making moves to achieve its renewable energy targets. 

Climate change is not only an international issue, it is a domestic problem for all Samoans. More than 70% of our population lives along the coastal area and they will be impacted. 

In speaking out against Trump, Minister Fiame Naomi Mata’afa was doing exactly the thing she was elected to do, in her capacity as the Minister for Natural Resources and Environment. 

She is also the Deputy Prime Minister and she has every right to speak.

Perhaps you need to redirect your attention to the fact that the U.S.A is also loaning from China. #Justsaying.


Richard Crichton

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