Taxes, Christians and religion

Dear Editor,

Re: Church Ministers and Head of State tax bill passed

The sciences of textual criticism, archeology, physics and molecular biology have all shown that religious myth are e false and man made and these sciences have furthered human evolution and progress but you just keep relying on the Samoan religious based education system that educates 70 percent of Samoan children.

How’s it working for you so far?

Also. Do you want a clue that the bible is the book of capitalists? 

Go through your holy book sometime and read between the lines of all the passages that describe scenes of glorious wealth and opulence. Stories of gold and riches. Even heaven is described in such capitalistic, materialistic, gold worshipping ways that should be more attractive to people like Donald Trump and his gold digging wife than humble people of good character and kindness. 

So you tell me, the bible, a book written by a spiritual God or a book written by manipulative capitalists colonizing the indigenous lands and offering the people false myth in exchange for all their resources and land? 

They are laughing all the way to their golden towers in whatever city they choose. So sorry lighten up. I will go wherever I want and I will say whatever I want and if one Samoan person comes to their senses and is freed from the chains of the colonialist religions that you have oppressed yourself with I will be happy.

 So suck it up and go pray for me and ask your God to give you the spirit of forgiveness like the good little Christian you claim to be. You are correct, I find Christians like you intolerable. So it looks like the feeling is mutual.


Wendy Wonder 

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