Lefao’s plea for better roads

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 01 August 2017, 12:00AM

A 41-year-old man from Lano Savai’i and Sale’imoa has a simple plea for the government.

Lefao Tasi Stowers wants better roads.

“Eventhough there are a lot of other problems, the one thing we mostly want improvement on are our roads,” he said.

The Village Voice spoke with Lefao when he was waiting for the bus on the main road.

The buses do not operate around where he resides due to the bad condition of the roads. Taking a taxi there costs twice as much as it normally would. 

He noted the need for the government to prioritise the maintenance of the roads at Sale’imoa. 

A hardworking man, Lefao works for the greater good of his small family.

“Everything is well, with the electricity and the village, except we have problems with our water, sometimes.”

Lefao earns money by selling home made bread (fa’apapa). 

“I believe, from the little business my wife and I are doing, we are earning more money as opposed to working elsewhere

“For one thing, the people who are working normal jobs only get their salaries by Friday or so.

“It takes a whole week maybe, but for us, doing this little business of our own, we get to earn more everyday.”

Both Lefao and his wife used to work. 

But they have decided to concentrate on working from home as it provides more money and they have the freedom to do other things.

“We’ve realised that we earn more than what we received weekly when we were working normal jobs,” he said.

Money for their family is spent on usual utilities like electricity, water and house goods.

Getting back to the road, Lefao is pleading with the government to pay attention. 

“Our road is full of holes, it’s dirty and the dust is unbearable,” he said.

“We need help please.” 

Lefao further spoke to the Samoa Observer about the high cost of living. He said many people need help because it is very expensive.

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 01 August 2017, 12:00AM
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