Crux of the matter

Dear Editor, 

Thank you for printing in full the interview of our Hon. Prime Minister and 60 Minutes that has caused quite a furore.  Actually it’s not as bad as I had assumed. 

We absolutely sympathize and empathize and wish to heaven we can reverse the ordeal of these beautiful and unfortunate individuals. If our hearts could make up for a crime, a whole new Ocean would have been created, such is the depth of feeling and emotions that have been alerted. 

Because 60 Minutes’ Mr Bartlett was interviewing/ zeroing in as most interviewers do, into a heart of the matter as he’d needed to do, but you see, he’s not interviewing John Howard,  or Turnbull,  or Abbot, or Tony Blair, John Key ...where the “public”/ audience  probably expect the expected glossy diplomatic answers - he’s interviewing our P.M., pretty straight forward there, not glossy or spun-P.R,  and Tuilaepa is right, a few years ago, WHO WAS IT AGAIN - that kept waving the flags “Prisoners have rights too”????

 The guy in the village under the coconut tree??? Of course not - because we understand “our psyche.” 

And yes, it came at a time of the separation of Police and Prison Services. And yes it’s no excuse, but it is the logic behind a time of adjustments to an amended system.

So sorry, yes absolutely could hang the criminal b-----d up the bl--dy tree, but, the interview was about where have the millions gone? 

Try Consultants and related services that come up with reforms that backfire?

(Similar to doing away with 5 to 6 local Vets as in well qualified local Veterinarians in the late 1980’s and now - Voila!! Dog problem !?!) 

It’s a try anyway. 

The crux of the matter for us is, not all reforms are for the better. And today’s news will be tomorrow’s fish and chips wrapper.  

Food for thought.  


Madame Bartlett

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