By Faamuamua Daisy Tauaanae 24 July 2016, 12:00AM

Ever since,

I came into this world

My life had already been arranged

Where I should be,

What I should wear,

Who I should be,

Never question the reasons why I should

Because I have no rights to my life!


Ever since,

I have opened my eyes,

I’d already been marked

To be yours always

To be loved

To be cherished

To be taught not to make any mistakes,

Yet you’ve already created more mistakes while I’m watching!


Ever since,

I said my first word

You’d taught me how to speak

Not to swear

Know when to/not to speak

Know what words to use

Not to use harsh words

Yet you are throwing them harsh words at my face!


Ever since,

I took my first step,

You’d made sure I didn’t fall

“Be determine to walk on my own”

Taking one step at a time

Having the strength to stand up for myself

Knowing it will only be me alone

Since you’ve over-stepped that role!


Ever since,

I started to hear things,

I had believed your ‘I love you!’

Yet that love is selfish!

I’ve listened to you

Do everything you said

Always on the verge of giving

Since you’ve always known only my worst!


In your drunken mood,

Reminding me, I’m your pele

In your hatred mood,

Reminding me, I’m not worth to live

In your fatherly mood,

Reminding me, I’m your first-born

I’m your flesh and blood

Do as you say otherwise be cursed!


You have told me that I can’t hide anything from you

Yet you can’t see the tears I have shed every night

Haven’t you noticed the pain in my eyes?

Haven’t you noticed my struggles?

Trying to make something out of my life

Too late for me I have believed

The past journey has gone with a huge part of me

Ever since....

By Faamuamua Daisy Tauaanae 24 July 2016, 12:00AM

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