Cooking and fishing is how Lefua gives back to family

By Ulimasao Fata 23 October 2017, 12:00AM

Meet Lefua Moemai from the village of Moata’a.

Mr Moemai is a single hardworking man who he lives with his mother and sisters.

His job is to prepare the food for his family every day.

Village Voice caught up with Mr Moemai while on his way to the sea for fishing.

“I am heading to the sea right now to get something for our dinner tonight,” he said.

“I just finished preparing the saka kalo (Samoan traditional boiled taro) for lunch and now I’m on my way to go fishing.”

Mr. Moemai said this is his routine every day.

“To me this is what I do every day. My sisters go to work and I stay home with my mother, so they provide money for anything we need from the shop and I do the cooking as well as cleaning the land around our house”.

Mr. Moemai said he loves what he’s doing.

“I haven’t been married but I really enjoy what I am doing because I’m able to support my family by preparing the food.

“As our forefathers always said, the jman’s job in their home is to cook and prepare all the cooking in the outside kitchen.

“And still up to now that is what I am doing for my family.”

Mr. Moemai commented on his experience regarding life in Samoa nowadays.

“The Samoan life today is really different from the one we used to have”.

“People are taking things for granted and they really enjoy sitting around and waiting to get served, without wanting to get it themselves.”

Mr Moemai also commented on the cost of living in Samoa.

“I believe that it is high and expensive and the only thing I know we should do is to work through it and go back to developing our family lands for crops.”

By Ulimasao Fata 23 October 2017, 12:00AM

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