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By Anina Kazaz 24 October 2018, 12:00AM

It’s Samoa’s uniqueness, which makes the island so special for Gordon and Denise Myer from Auckland, New Zealand.

One year ago, the couple set food on the island for the first time, and last Sunday makes it their third visit.

Their daughter in law, Aunouska Myer, lives here and this gives the couple a reason to stay and enjoy Samoa.

“The lovely thing about Samoa is there are a lot of little things and spots such as for snorkeling or beaches that only the locals know about. I reckon normal tourists probably will miss,” Gordon told the Dear Tourist team. 

“There are lot attractions to see in Samoa and at beaches you are mainly the only one, which is unusual. The beaches here are probably not seen anywhere else like this.”

Denise added: “The charming thing about Samoa is that there aren’t a lot of tourists. The culture and people are just beautiful, it’s lovely.”

Because of the large Samoa community in Auckland, the couple has some form of understanding of the local culture. 

“A lot of Samoans left to support their families from New Zealand and some aren’t as fortunate to have the opportunity to come back to Samoa that often,” he said.

They enjoyed staying in the fale, and they’ve enjoyed the authentic experience. 

“I think you need to love the water to enjoy the resorts here. If you are not into water activities then you may find it a bit quiet. I don’t know what the night life is like,” Denise said.

Gordon added: “When staying in the fale it is beautiful, waking up to the sound of the ocean and having the water just right in front of you and a whole beach for yourself. You can just lay and you don’t need anything like television the stars are right there from horizon to horizon. You can just think about life and how lucky you are, you feel connected to the nature.”

Looking into the future and the possible changes, Gordon said: “I guess the reality of the world is that tourism is becoming more and more important, especially to small nations like Samoa.” 

“You need to improve tourism infrastructure and create jobs etc. The very reason tourists come to Samoa now is because of its non-touristic charming. With tourism, the values change,” he said.

Gordon and Denise leave for their home in two weeks’ time. 

By Anina Kazaz 24 October 2018, 12:00AM

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