Don’t be rude

Dear Editor,

I am writing with great anger about the disappointing and rude way a gift shop at near the Apia Park treated us.

As temporary residents on the island, my friend and I love to spend our weekends doing some shopping or window-shopping, which is a good way for us to get to know about Samoan people and culture. 

Last Saturday afternoon (9 July) around 2pm, we went to this shop. In fact, we have been to this shop a few times before. 

We browsed in the shop for about 20 minutes and then we were approached by a tall man (who we believe is hired by the shop) while we were looking at some ava bowls. 

He suddenly asked us: “Do you live here?”  We answered “Yes.” thinking this as a friendly question. 

But he continued to ask: “Do you look at buying things?” 

We did not understand what he really meant and we answered: “We are looking before buying.” 

Then he said in a very unfriendly manner: “Are you copying? Because we do not want people to copy our things.” 

I was shocked by this unexpected rude question, but I calmed myself down and asked him: “Did you see us copy things?” 

He answered: “No.” 

I was irritated by this sheer rudeness and said to him: “I feel offended by the way you talk to me.” 

Not wanting to stay in this unfriendly shop any more, we left immediately. Our happy weekend was ruined.

How could staff ask such unfounded rude questions to ordinary customers? 

Feel ashamed of yourself.


Cynthia T.

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