Beautiful Emerald Islands

By Quenjule Slaven. 08 August 2016, 12:00AM

Quenjule Slaven

Year 10

St Mary’s College

My emerald islands are my Samoa.

My beautiful Samoa is love at first sight. She is like nowhere else on earth. She is a little out of the way, isolated in the Pacific and she doesn’t always keep up with the latest trends. Her people are known to be the friendliest in the world. She does not discriminate but cherishes the diversities of rainbow faces from so many countries worldwide.

Her heart is purely fa’aSamoa which is the cultural way of life for the Samoan people. The culture is humble with mutual respect for elders, leaders and the aiga (family). She is also very rich with myths and oral traditions in the language, dance, music and symbolic gestures which have shaped and moulded our society into what it is today. Samoa was founded on God and set by nature. She is a devout Christian and cares deeply for the environment.

My Samoa has a Talofa spirit, a contagious and welcoming spirit that has been experienced by many. The word Talofa means hello and welcome. It is the true meaning of hospitality which is legendary. It is a word to greet families, friends, loved ones and strangers. As you spend more time on the islands the meaning of Talofa deepens in your heart. Soon it becomes part of your daily life creating unforgettable gestures of heartfelt hospitality. You probably haven’t heard much about it until you visit Samoa. Those who come when they can, know it very well and those who live in Samoa know it best.

My Samoa is surrounded by crescents of white and warm sand guarded heavily with enchanted coconut trees. She sits on one of the most beautiful tropical beaches on a calm Pacific Ocean stretched endlessly forever shining in the sparkling waters. Waves curl over and collapse with small explosions as they excitedly trample towards the stunning bed of lava rocks. Miles of sand littered with shells glistening like polished silver bowls. The scents of fresh fruit ripening and tropical flowers hang on the breeze caressing your every sense of smell.The sun lies like a friendly golden beam in the sky saying from the sound of exotic music of birds chirping and bees buzzing.

My Samoa is filled with richness and vibrancy of flowers trees and plants. She has the most unique plant forms in the world. When her people are sick, we turn to plants for remedies to cure illnesses. The reaction of warm trade winds mixed with tropical sunshine makes the air so invigorating. Some have tried to bottle Samoan air in the hopes of capturing its health producing essence and send it back home but with no success. The wondrous roar of waterfalls whisper softly in your ears as they work their radiant magic, magnetising your every thirst and forever inviting. Her land is fertile with never-ending food to promote care and health healing for her people.

My Samoa is a remote, fragrant paradise with a sense of peacefulness. There is no way to describe the astounding beauty of these mesmerising emerald islands. In many ways Samoa herself is surrounded with vibrant living colours. You’re blinded by the mountainous palette of greens and shades of blue that explode from the seas and skies. When in Samoa you know in an instant there is God. How else could you explain witnessing those breathless miracles made all just for you? 

Once Samoa takes your heart, you’ll never truly and fully get it back.      

By Quenjule Slaven. 08 August 2016, 12:00AM

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