A tricky problem

 Think a minute.Have you ever stood by a fire when the smoke was so thick you almost thought you could grab it with your hands. But if you try, the smoke just disappears right through your fingers.

It’s like that when we try to be humble. We grab for humility, but as soon as we think we’ve got it, it disappears like smoke through our fingers.

You see, we trick ourselves when we start to think that we’re humble, because in our mind and heart we actually start feeling proud of ourselves that we’re humble. So you see, we’re still very proud.

Our problem is the subtle, deceptive nature of pride. It makes us self-conscious, thinking about ourselves and how we good we are or look in front of others. Our pride competes and compares ourselves with others.

That’s why we get angry when someone treats us like we’re not important. Our pride makes us want to act and impress others with how humble we are, when inside we still think we’re more important than some people.

This is also why many people want to become rich millionaires. You see, if everybody in the world had a million dollars, then not many people would really want to be a millionaire because they would not be richer than anyone else.

If everyone in the world had a high political position of respect and power, then not many people would want that kind of position because they would not be more respected and powerful than anyone else.

Did you know that it is our pride which causes most of the problems in our life, whether it’s in our family, at work, school, or with friends and neighbors. Our hidden, tricky pride is the reason we get hurt and angry at others.

It’s also the reason we will not forgive them, but instead even try to hurt them back. So is there any hope for us?

Can we ever start becoming genuinely honest and humble in our hearts?

Yes, that’s the great news! God the Son humiliated Himself by becoming a human being to die and pay the penalty for our sinful pride which separates us from God.

But He also will set us free from the power of our sinful pride. Jesus Christ will forgive you right now-if you ask Him.

Then He will also give you His power and love, so you can start changing to become the truly humble, honest, and successful person He created you to be.

Just Think a Minute.

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