Who’s your hero?

Think a minute…One of the most famous Italians in the 20th century was Benito Mussolini, known to his people as Il Duce, which simply means The Leader.

His charisma was almost like a movie star rather than a government leader, even though his charm was bathed in blood and violence.   

The popularity of Mussolini was truly phenomenal. He transformed Italy into a spectacular show of national pride, parades, military power, and music. Mussolini regularly stood on his balcony with thousands of people below cheering and worshipping him at the height of his power.

Parents would hold their children up to see their mighty leader. To young men he seemed to be the perfect example of a real man, fearless and tough; and to young women he represented both seduction and security in one.  

Italians, and even citizens of other countries, asked for the autograph of Mussolini the superstar. One of these fans sent Mussolini a photo hoping he would sign it, but he rejected his admirer’s request.

However, Mussolini would likely have signed it had he known who this fan would become. For this young man who worshipped Mussolini as his hero did follow in his steps, until one day these two terrible dictators stood side by side: Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, two of the most evil leaders in all of history. 

We become, now and forever, like the people we admire and want to be like. The great British author C.S. Lewis wrote: “It’s a serious thing to live in a world of possible gods and goddesses...All day long, in one way or another, we are helping each other become a person of great goodness or horrible evil…There are no ‘ordinary’ people. You have never talked to a mere ‘mortal’…Every person we meet, joke with, work with, marry, mistreat, and ignore will become either everlasting horrors of evil or everlasting heroes of godly nature and goodness.”  

So what kind of person do you want to become forever? Where do you want to live for all eternity: with God or without Him? In Heaven or in Hell? Remember, Jesus makes it crystal clear that we all live forever since God created us in His likeness as living, eternal souls. The only person worthy of being your hero, whom you worship and follow, is your Creator, Savior and Lord.

Won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for living your wrong, sinful way? You must also ask Him to take full charge of your heart and daily way of living. It is the only way you can start becoming more like Him in your character for the rest of this life, and your eternal life after you die. Just think a minute…

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