Drunk people are a menace

By Aruna Lolani 04 May 2017, 12:00AM

It’s a common problem. When young people access alcohol, some of them become stupid.

For Simi Tafili from Aleisa and Faleasiu, he says the solution is simple. 

Don’t let them have alcohol.

The 67-year-old was not only disappointed but scared by a situation that happened last week Friday.

“We store water in gallons and we use kerosene lamps because we don’t have electricity,” he told the Village Voice.

“The problem is drunk people who come through this way.

“Like last week, some drunken men came in a small car and as soon as they got here, they got out, poured all of our water out from our gallons and took the gallons inside the car like there’s no one at home.

“So I went and tried getting the gallons out again but they threatened me.

“They wanted our gallons, probably for selfish reasons but they were not our properties to give away.

“It was a good thing my daughter ran and told the other villagers about what was going on, otherwise it would’ve been worse if the villagers didn’t come to help and put an end to this.

Mr. Tafili said he’s already informed the village’s high chief (ali’i faipule) about the incident and they are trying to resolve the matter.

The lands that Mr. Tafili and his family are staying on belong to the high chief of Aleisa. 

Mr. Tafili used to work at Maota o Samoa at Tuanaimato but he was hired by the high chief to look after his lands until he finds a couple who can stay there and look after it. 

“You know, this is my job and I don’t mind taking care of the lands and working in the plantation but I just don’t like it when drunk people come to my home especially when my wife and kids are here.

“That is why you can see, we have put rocks to surround our house so that no car can turn from infront of our house.

“We don’t want this to happen again. I have three children and that is why we informed our high chief about it so he can put a stop to this. 

Mr. Tafili added on by saying that they have no problem with their living situation, except for drunk people that have lost their minds.

“These gallons were given to us by the high chief to get water and to store our water, for food, for drinking and showering.

“We have tried to get access to electricity but unfortunately, nothing can be done because our house is metal rods and other metallic resources. 

“Our high chief has already talked to us about another new home for us soon and we’re okay with it.

“Actually we’re okay with everything right now except for people that have nothing better to do but come and try messing up our lives.

“It would be good for the police to check up on areas like this everytime to avoid situations like these.”

By Aruna Lolani 04 May 2017, 12:00AM
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