Sataoa Primary teacher says sorry

Dear Editor,

With respect, I crave space in your Newspaper to record my unreserved apology to the C.E.O. of M.E.S.C., Afioga Afamasaga Dr. Kaloline Afamasaga Fuata’i, A.C.E.O. (School Operations), Susuga Perenise, and the School Inspector for Safata Lefaga, Afioga Matagi Erwin, for the manner in which a grievance against our School Principal was handled. 

By going straight to the C.E.O. without first consulting with the School Inspector and then the A.C.E.O. as per the normal procedures when addressing issues about the schools, is a clear breach of the proper protocols in dealing with these matters. I realise that I have erred, and erred badly.

I must admit that what I did was a classic example of unprofessionalism at the highest level, especially when it came from someone with many years of teaching experience. So pathetic!

Again I offer my sincere apologies. I have already apologised to our school Principal and the issues pertaining to the daily running of the school have been dealt with amicably-to everybody’s satisfaction.

There’s hope for a new beginning for our school. After all, it’s the quality of education the children of our village are getting that matters most. That, essentially was the nub of the grievance. 

‘To err is human to forgive divine’


Ma lo’u fa’aaloalo

M.A. Mamoe

Sataoa Primary School

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