Rental company ventures off road

AA Rent-A-Car offers more than just ordinary cars. 

With Samoa’s road conditions, the rental car company knows how frustrating it can be trying to get to your destination without a bumpy ride. 

They’ve just recently introduced their off road tours, which involves the use of 4WD vehicles to get tourists to any destination they wish. 

AA Rent-A-Car owner, Edward Jessop, believes the road condition should not hinder tourists from experiencing and witnessing what Samoa has got to offer.  

“We have noticed that there have been a few places that you can’t go to and some tours can’t or some of our clients who travelled in small low cars cannot reach their destination because of the roads,” Mr. Jessop said. 

“There have been remote places that we have been able to cover such as Sauniatu and Saaga Beach. The roads there are really bad, a small car and a van cannot go there. So we decided to get these cars that we are now using which is suitable and it is a 4WD.”

“The other thing is we have catered for an America Survivor and also the Australian Survivor twice and the places that they go to really needs 4WD and it is really good for the tourists to see the nice places here. So we decided to use 4WD to get there.”

Mr. Jessop is excited to see the many changes that these 4WD brings to the country and also meeting the demands of the tourists.

“I don’t think there is anyone else in Samoa that does this, it is just only us. Many other tours they use vans and small 4WD. But as you can see, we are providing off roads 4WD that will go to those places.”

“So here we are we choose to use 4WD for that. Also with that tour, the client would have to choose their own vehicle to take and we would take them there.”

“We have not yet received any feedback because we have just started. We’ve just put it on our website.”

Mr. Jessop also mentioned the challenges that they’ve tried so hard to overcome. 

“I think it is the competition with the other rentals because I know that there are some other people who are doing tours such as Samoa Scenic and John.” 

“This will be a good challenge with our 4WD off road tour. It is all about marketing,” he said.

AA Rent-A-Car is all about affordable and quality car rentals in Samoa. They also do tours to different places. For a full day it is from 8am to 5pm.

“All our full day tours, there has already been six different tours and we are looking at $100 per person, that includes the fees to some other places and we also provide the lunch for our clients.”

“It is a new tour that we are doing and it will be nice to see people coming in and checking it out for themselves.”

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