What’s your name worth?

Think a minute…The story is told about a band of musicians who traveled from town to town singing and playing their music to make a living. But times were hard and most people did not have the money to spend on shows and concerts. 

One evening before their concert, the music group discussed their problem and financial future. One of them said: “I cannot see any reason for us to perform tonight. It’s cold and snowing and no one will come out on a night like this.” Another one said: “I agree. Last night we performed for just a few people, and even fewer will come to hear us tonight.” 

Then the group leader said: “I’m also discouraged. But we have a responsibility to those who do come. So we’re going to perform our very best, because our audience should not be punished with anything less than our best.”

Encouraged by their leader’s words, that night they gave their best performance ever. After the show their leader read a note to the band which had been handed to him at the end of the concert.

The note said: “Thank you for a beautiful performance.” And it was signed simply, “Your King.”  The band never knew until the concert was over that their king had been in the audience the entire time.  

The famous and brilliant Michelangelo went to Florence, Italy to sculpt a beautiful, large statue of King David out of a huge, rough block of white marble.

Michelangelo worked long hours every day, often sleeping in his work clothes to save time. He knew that nothing less than the very best of his time, talent and painful, precise work could produce his masterpiece sculpture of King David. 

Even to this day, anything made by Michelangelo is priceless and commands the highest value and honor. Why? Because he worked so hard every single day to fully develop his natural talent given to him by God. Actually, we each paint a portrait of ourselves by the work that we do.

When people hear your name and see your work, does it command their respect and honor? Do you sign and autograph your work with excellent quality and reliability? If you will give Jesus total control of your heart and daily way of living, He can help you start becoming the masterpiece He created you to be. Just think a minute… 

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