Boxing kicks off fourth round

By Ulimasao Fata 04 April 2018, 12:00AM

Eleven bouts square off last weekend during the Upolu and Savai’i Boxing Ring weekly competition at Vaitele.

It’s the fourth round of the weekly competition. 

After Good Friday, boxers and supporters made their way to the Vaitele Ring for weigh-in on Saturday morning before exchanging punches and chaps in the afternoon.

The competition kicked off with eight normal bouts fights from 30kg Pin weight to 64kg light welter weight, before the three last special bouts of 69kg welter weight to 81kg light heavy weight for this week’s competition. 

The 30kg pin weight division saw Michael Siuta of Toamua Club dominating Poufa Faleonea of Faamalosi Club from Leauvaa, while Aukusitino Pafelio of Faamalosi defeated Daniel Alofipo of Tama le Lava Club.

Michael Tutoatasi and Lotu Hall of Toamua defeated Fou Masina Peni Pio of Faamalosi Club in the 42kg Mosquito Senior division.

In the 46kg light fly weight, Tadah Nisi of the Faamalosi Club defeated Palesoo Faleatua of Toamua, with Jason Konasane of Faamalosi Club as well defeated Mika Levi of Toamua in the 60kg light weight division.

The special bouts saw Ropati Hall of Toamua winning their fight against Lini Isitolo of Faamalosi Club in the 69kg welter weight, while Jacern Poutoa of Palisi defeated Toele Hall of Toamua in the 75kg middle weight division.

The last fight of the day saw Mua Seumanutafa of the Taupuitea Club defeating Tua Tasi of the Toamua Club in the 81kg lightweight battle.

Upolu & Savai’i Boxing Ring Week four Results

30kg Pin –Michael Siuta(PLT/Toamua) won vs Poufa Faleonea (Faamalosi)

32kg Mosq –Aukusitino Pafelio(Faamalosi) won vs Danielu Alofipo(Tama le Lava))

42kg Mosq Snr- Michael K Tutoatsi (PLT/Toamua) won vs Fou Moasina (Faamalosi)

42kg Mosq Snr-Lotu Hall (PLT/Toamua) won vs Peni Pio (Faamalosi/Leauvaa)

46kg Light fly- Yadah Nisi (Faamalosi) won vs Palesoo Faleatua (PLT/Toamua)

60kg Light Weight- Jason Konasane(Faamalosi) won vs Mika Levi (PLT/Toamu)

64kg Light Welter-  Pati Lala(PLT) won vs Duncan Tiatia (Faamalosi/Leauvaa )

64kg LightWelter- Alai Faauila (PLT/Toamua) won vs Tafua Isitolo (Faamalosi)


69kg Welter Weight –Ropati Hall (PLT/Toamua) won vs Lini Isitolo (Faamalosi)

75kg Middle Weight- Jancen Poutoa(Tautai/Palisi) won vs Toele HAll (PLT/Toamua)

81kg Light Heavy- Mua Seumanutafa (Tapuitea) won vs Tua Tasi(PLT/Toamua)

By Ulimasao Fata 04 April 2018, 12:00AM

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