From Tears to Truth (Part 1)

 Think a minute…When was the last time you cried? Crying can surprise us. But in those moments of sadness, joy, relief, or fear, our tears can help us see the truth of what is important in life. Tears are the language of the heart. They express our deepest needs, hurts, loves, and joys that words cannot say.  

A wise person said: “Let your tears water your soul… What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul…Every tear should fulfill its purpose, so don’t wipe the reason for them away.”

My two sons are men now; but recently I was looking at old photos of them when they were small. Seeing them so little and dependent on my wife and me again brought back such powerful memories and feelings that suddenly tears came to my eyes. I realized that I can never turn back the clock to experience their childhood again. My tears reminded me how short life is. It’s true that while raising our children, “The days are long, but the years are short.” 

I remember in those early years we were so busy with our children’s schedules and needs, sometimes we failed to fully feel and be grateful for all the joy, love and meaning of each moment together. Our memories and tears can teach us what life is all about.

Tears of compassion help us see and understand each other. At the end of World War II an American army colonel was riding in his vehicle. Along the sides of the dusty road were long lines of German soldiers slowly walking with their heads down in defeat on the long road home to Germany. 

This American colonel said: “Before that moment, I hated them. A few weeks earlier they were killing us. I assumed most of them were confirmed Nazis. Yet suddenly I saw them as human beings, heading home after years away from their families. I found myself crying before I could help it.” 

The tears of this tough, battle-hardened soldier suddenly helped him see his enemy as his fellow man, with the exact same pain, fears and hopes he had. His tears of compassion began to wash out the anger and hate from his heart. 

Jesus perfectly understands your deepest feelings and the reason for your tears. He has felt it all Himself! Won’t you ask Him to come in to your heart, and start healing your hurts and restoring your hopes today? Just think a minute… 

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