Make Yourself a Success (Part 2)

Think a minute…The first, and most important, ingredient for success is motivating yourself to act. You must believe every day that your choices and actions are moving you closer to your goal.

You are the one who makes or breaks your own success.

The second ingredient you need for success is your skills and abilities that you must keep sharpening by using them again and again. This only comes through practice. Practice does make perfect.

Experience is the best teacher IF you keep learning and improving each time you do it. That is how you become skilled and professional at what you do. “You live and learn.” But sadly, some of us just live, continuing to make the same mistakes and doing things the way we have always done them, whether it is right and successful or not.   The third ingredient for success is knowledge.

For example, a salesman needs to know everything about the product or service he sells, and how to sell it. This kind of knowledge you can get from books, training programs, courses, and from experienced people who will teach you. It is as you continue to learn the new technologies and knowledge that you stay successful. 

Success only comes to those who keep trying; so put your knowledge and skills into action. That way your confidence, passion and perseverance each day will keep moving you closer to your goal. 

A group of teenage boys wanted to get good jobs and do better in school; so a successful businessman started teaching them that if they simply learned to work hard and work smart, they could succeed much more quickly than they expected.

He especially taught them how to have confidence. In just 30 days, all 16 boys had jobs! And in 90 days, some of them had moved up in school the equivalent of two years! They chose to pay the price for success by working hard and working smart.  

These same principles were taught to hundreds of criminals in prison who wanted to change and succeed. Of the 800 prisoners, 84 percent of them stayed out of prison and got good jobs!   Why not start on your road to success today?

The first step is to ask Jesus to take full charge of your heart and way of living. Then, He can start helping you as you learn all the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. He will also give you the motivation and passion to fully live His great plan and purpose for your life. Just think a minute… 

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