Child poverty the biggest challenge

Dear Editor,


I disagree with the Prime Minister saying that the government’s biggest challenge is climate change. 

I think the government’s biggest challenge is addressing child poverty. This is the consequence of growth. 

If the PM wants to have a country that is committed to growth and development, fine, but he needs to deal with the flip side of this commitment.

The flip side of growth and development is a growing gap between the rich and poor. All countries committed to growth have to deal with this reality. 

They all must use a portion of the countries wealth to offset the social problems growth and development bring to the most vulnerable in society, any society, not just in Samoa. 

There will always be people who just can’t compete in this ideology. 

The government is wasting its time to blame parents, for a variety of reasons the parents cannot compete either. It’s the government’s choice to encourage foreign development and participate in global markets, so it is the governments responsibility to look after the people who have no choice in the decision, children!!!!!! 

The small island of Samoa is not going to make a dent in global climate change, so forget about this being your biggest challenge. Yes, do your part in your own back yard about climate change, like stop importing so many cars to such a small island, but unless the government of Samoa thinks it can get China, the US, Canada, Australia, NZ, Western Europe, etc.... off fossil fuels and on to clean energy, you are wasting your time and energy. 

So dear government, please focus on changing what is right in front of you, begging children who will not be able to support Samoa in the future, because they have no access to education, proper nutrition, and safety from predators.

Look after these children now so they can look after Samoa in the future. 

If you don't Samoa will just digress into a country of crime, ignorance, and despair. 

So long paradise, who wants to visit a place like this unless you’re a paedophile looking for vulnerable, desperate children?



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