It doesn’t make sense

Dear Editor,

There seems to be a lot of supporters for this stigmata girl's story and somewhat shocking experience. 

Yet, the whole storyline is all over the place. 

Aside from this girl's ridiculous marks that are seemingly forged, her claim for the meaning behind her so-called visions don't make any sense. 

In the history of the Catholic Church, these signs/stigma has only approached through individuals of purity that are well known to be saints due to their constant love and care for others. Their message from God through these certain situations has addressed humanity as a whole. 

This girl, however, not only doesn't have any proof behind such conspiracy but have claimed to receive a message from God that is somewhat only addressed to Samoa and its Church, whichever it is. 

Such hoax and scheme is completely shameful and should be rectified. 

A simple but essential advice to this "attention-seeker": Do know that religious attributes should not be taken lightly. 

Therefore, go and pray that God will still have mercy on your soul.


Samoa Observer

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