From tears to truth (Part 2)

Think a minute…We all cry at different times for different reasons. But our tears can lead us to truth about life and ourselves.

Just as “laughter is medicine”, our tears can heal inner wounds we don’t even know we have.

We may experience deep emotions from losing someone we love, or the pain of being rejected, neglected, abused, or unfairly treated by those we trust. But the longer we keep our pain inside, the more damage it can do to us. “The sadness we don’t release in tears can make our whole body weep.” 

 I read this amazing true story of a young nurse who cared for her father whom she loved deeply.

Through those long months of caring for him until his death, she held back the tears and kept her sadness inside. When her father died, a well-meaning person told her never to grieve or show her pain from losing him.   

In just a few hours, the daughter began to suffer terrible pain in her stomach.

All of her sadness she had held inside became like poison in her body. In only a few months, this young nurse was dead! She was literally killed by her powerful emotion of grief and loss, because she did not let it out and express it.

Remember: “Tears are God’s gift to us. As they flow they heal us.”

Jesus said: “Blessed are those who grieve and weep, because they will be comforted.”

He’s talking here about grieving over all our sins and pain we’ve caused our Father and Maker by living our own way and rejecting His Son, Jesus, Who died to pay the penalty for all of our sins and wrong living. 

Jesus is saying that our heart will rightly break, if we really understand how we have broken our Creator’s heart. We will grieve over our past wasted life of living for ourselves. I cannot have His new life until I have truly mourned the death of my past wrong life.

But He says when we fully face and follow the Truth about Him, and everything that He taught and commanded, we will make a complete and lasting change in our heart and daily way of living. 

Won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you, and then take charge of your new life with Him today? Only He can heal your heart, and free you to begin living with His true purpose, peace, and presence in your life every day. Just think a minute…

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