End this cycle of madness

Dear Editor,


With a little bit more than two weeks left before the election I fear that Samoa will continue to go down this path of corruption, hopelessness, and extreme poverty. Why? 

In my opinion there is no one individual or group of people that the public can rally around to end this cycle of madness.

Now is the time for all good Men and Women of Samoa to seize back their government and show the world why our Leaders of the past sought to be an independent country and not to be governed by an outside entity.

Independence was sought because the future of the country should be placed in the hands of the Samoan people. 

Little did our Leaders of the past know that it would be one of their own to hold back their people and keep them from enjoying the rights of self-governance.

A government elected and led by principled Samoans for the betterment of ALL. Leaders who understood the importance of maintaining fa’aSamoa and the Education of its children as the first line of defense against ignorance, poverty, and corruption.

Samoa- If not now, when? 

We can talk and grumble until we’re blue in the face about all that ails the country but it is action that is needed to change the direction of the country.

Vote for change or the status quo. In the end we get the government we deserve!



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