U.S. leadership and Samoa’s customary lands

Dear Editor,

Re: Customary land debate 

I cannot stand the Clintons and I think Obama sold the poor people of America out too. When I criticize Trump please never think it is because I like the Clintons or Obama. Don’t forget I was a Bernie supporter. 

I like people like Ralph Nader, Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges. I would listen to Democracy Now or Intercept, or read the Nation before the NYT, the Washington Post, CNN or my most hated FOX. 

I would say the most decent president the US has had in a long time was Jimmy Carter and he only got one term. I’m very left wing. The democrats are really as big of a problem as the republicans in my opinion because of a very broken global system that is keeping countries like Samoa poor and in a state of dependency. 

I believe Christianity is a part of this global agenda that helps keep the rich rich and the poor as well. So I guess my atheism even makes me a Marxist of some kind. A Marxist that also hates the Clintons and Obama.

Having said I’m a Marxist of some sort perhaps I’m a Marxist/anarchist. This is why I am not a fan of Trump. I am against capitalism because of things I have mentioned in other posts, the gap between the rich and poor, the oppressiveness of poor nations and workers etc...

 I’m an anarchist in that I believe that quote, “No God, No Master”, in that we should be free intellectually, but I also believe we need governments to protect us and our environment from the ravages of capitalism. I believe in labour movements, feminism, etc...

This is why I am not a supporter of Trump. I agree with him about dismantling some of the institutions that are suppressing our democracies, I just don’t believe in his commitment to capitalism. I don’t think saving capitalism from its inevitable collapse is the answer to the worlds woes, neither human or environmental and I believe these two things are one and the same.


Wendy Wonder

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