The Hitman shines at Corporate fight night

By Sina Sevaaetasi 05 December 2016, 12:00AM

They don’t call Alapati Aasa the “Hitman” for no reason.  

At the Vailima Corporate Bash Fight Night on Saturday, Aasa won his 14th professional fight, overcoming Tino Honey, who made his first debut in Samoa. 

Aasa came out swinging in the first round hoping to make the most impact from the start.  His powerful left hook caught Honey off guard. However, by the third round, Aasa looked exhausted.

Aasa consistently found himself on the ropes as Honey broke into stride and began a series of attacks. 

Honey continued his bombardment of attacks well into the fourth round but both fighters looked physically weary.

Finally, as the bell of the last round sounded off, both fighters gave everything they had left.  

At one point in the final round, Aasa was bent over in the corner and it seemed as if Honey had him.  Yet, Aasa came back twice as hard with his powerful left hook and fought until the very end of the bout, going on to win the fight by a unanimous decision. 

Even though the corporate fighters were not professional, they were still as entertaining to watch. 

One of the highlights of the night was the only female bout, Thoraya Rassol-Abdul vs. Dora Napoleone. 

It definitely took a lot of courage for these two brave women and they did an outstanding job. Rassol –Abdul went on to win.

The Kasimani Brothers from K L Security both went home victorious. The Brothers displayed the true meaning of brotherhood by being each other’s biggest supporters ringside.  Notably, Kaino Kasimani displayed an excellent level of fitness and a really good right hook that resulted in the first T.K.O of the night.  

One of the most interesting bouts was Hyundai’s Simon Fruean and I’I Grey from Craig’s Construction.  

Grey looked relaxed and very confident while he stepped in the ring as Fruean had a look of steel determination.  

During the first round, Fruean had perfect timing when he struck Grey and knocked Grey down several times during the bout.  

Despite Grey’s size advantage, Fruean was articulate and had great footwork, which allowed him to dominate his opponent.  Fruean went on to win the bout by a unanimous decision.

Overall, the night was definitely a boxer’s paradise for any fan of boxing. 


• Setifano Masoe Ah Liki Construction

• Peter Leota ACC

•  Thoraya Abdul-Rassol (S.A.S.N.O.C)

• Lafe’e Talasa Ah Liki Construction 

• Asomua Saili Datech 

• Fritz Kasimani K L Security

• Kaino Kasimani K L Security 

• Simon Fruen Hyundai

• Lili Faaola Sa PFL Security 

By Sina Sevaaetasi 05 December 2016, 12:00AM

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