Just for a coffee?

So here’s the thing.

We know those vehicles with DC number plates are driven by mostly expats.

But does it give them a license to drive around recklessly – even speeding to a coffee shop?

We don’t think so.

So imagine the horror for a local woman last week when her skirt was nearly blown away by the speedy driver of a DC vehicle at Tamaligi. 

All that speed simply to grab a coffee?

Now when the lady asked him if he normally speeds like that everywhere he goes, the guy had the nerve to say yes.

“I’m now wondering if it’s mandatory for these DC plated vehicles to drive dangerously everywhere else,” a member of the public told BTL.

“I think I have a couple of new terms for what DC stands for. It stands for Dangerous Cowards.”

The second term, particularly in relation to this driver, cannot be printed. Go figure.


Faleata reserve 

It’s nice for the government to have all these wonderful reserves popping up all over the place.

But it puzzles the mind as to why the reserve at Faleata continues to be closed to the public.

What’s the point then? Reserved for who and when?

Somebody should tell us!


Come on taxi drivers 

Isn’t it time for the government to introduce a taxi lane in Apia?

Better still, why can’t they be allocated a special parking space somewhere where they don’t take up all the space in town?

It is no secret that they hog all the parking spaces anywhere and everywhere.

To make matters worse, some of them drive so slowly like they own the road.

What’s wrong with these people? 

Seriously! Get off the road if you’re tired. 

Better still; remember it’s not your father’s road.

It’s a public road and some people have things to do. 


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