Going through hot water

Think a minute…“A tea bag isn’t worth much until it’s been through some hot water.” 

There’s a saying in boxing: “Everybody’s got a plan—until they’ve been hit!” Sooner or later, life is going to hit and knock you down. Whether you get back up or not is your choice. Almost all people’s successes are built on their former failures. 

A very successful man was asked if he had ever failed. He answered: “Only in life.” The fact is, even after we’ve been knocked down we can still use our past mistakes and failures to build a bridge to our success.

You know that you’re the only one who can kill your dream by quitting. 

Remember that just falling in the water is not what drowns you; it’s staying down there that does. 

Just like kites fly high because the wind pushes against them, so problems that oppose you can actually help you succeed, if you choose to believe and use them that way.

There was a man who was the only survivor from a shipwreck. He drifted to an uninhabited island where he built a hut for his shelter. 

One evening after he returned from searching for food, he found his little hut on fire. Early the next morning he awoke to find a ship that had come in during the night. When the captain came on shore he told the man: “We saw your smoke signal so we came to rescue you.”

Everything this man owned and valued in his hut had to be destroyed before he could be saved.

Sometimes our Maker even uses our pain to get our attention, so we can learn our most important lessons for living well and wisely. So why not ask Jesus Christ to take charge and lead you through the hot water you’re in now? 

He’s the only one who can help you change your pain and problems into peace and prosperity for you and your family. 

The choice is yours. 

Just Think a Minute…

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