Editorial is wrong

Dear Editor,

Your editorial titled “Justice, rule of law and consistency” had this sentence on Muaga’s behaviour, “her conduct is a real indictment on the work of the N.P.O”. My English might be poor but this sentence is misleading and factually incorrect.

Ok, Mauga could have exercised better judgement with her actions and that is all she is guilty of. 

For you to then say that her conduct is an indictment on N.P.O’s work is wrong and wrong. 

Mauga’s actions were her personal choices and not a reflection of the great work carried out by dedicated and bright lawyers in the government prosecutor’s office. Ms. Lui’s actions in resigning is regrettable.

The whole Tribunal farce is a sad indictment on our government and the way it pursues people it wants to get rid of. I sometimes wonder whether I am in North Korea and not on the island paradise of Samoa.

An old lady at the makeki has this conspiracy theory about this whole Mauga thing and it relates to that lady shop owner who is always complaining to Stui about the child vendor problems and other social issues. 

The government wants this lady to know that they can get to and harm people this lady knows and likes; hence, the small-minded act to pursue Mauga. 

Mauga is the collateral damage in this Rambo-like attack.

If only the government applies this Stallone-like steroid approach to corruption. Perhaps his ministers and his crony C.E.O’s can be subjected to the same standard that we have seen of overseas parliamentarians and C..EO’s. 

Then I would tell the old lady at the makeki that her conspiracy theory is just that, a theory.


Vai Autu

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