There is no need to worry

Dear Editor,

Re: Taxing the church pastors and evil, called bureaucratic corruption

Those people worried about the poor pastors should not worry. 

The poor pastors, if they get no alofa/peleti on sunday, will pay no tax. Those pastors who get only a little money will not be taxed that much if at all. Those pastors who get a lot of money, will be taxed accordingly.

The more you earn, the more tax you pay. The less money you earn, the less tax you pay. That is how the PAYE tax system works.

So those people who do not want their pastors to be taxed should not give any donation on Sunday because the less money he receives, the less tax he will have to pay.

Perhaps then some of that money saved will be spent on their own children’s future or for the development of their own families.

Let’s not forget that most village congregations still observe the tradition of providing food to their faifeau every Sunday and many village congregations also give food at other times of the week.

The money that these pastors receive from faalavelave will not be touched. The other money donated for the church’s development (eg: taulaga, faigame etc) will also not be touched.

So in summary, many faifeau get:

- free food from every family in their congregation every sunday and at other special events - eg: a big faalavelave in the village; fishing expeditions etc. This cannot be taxed.

- free cars provided for by their congregations which many get to keep upon the end of their service to their church. These assets will not be taxed.

- big donations at every wedding; funeral; saofa’i, birthdays that they attend. This will not be taxed.


Petele Suaniu

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