Of dictators and Samoa

Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. Tuilaepa is not a dictator  

I was actually agreeing with you concerning our PM, but then you went off the wall and talked about another country and Castro.

 I have no idea why you dislike Tuilaepa when it sounded like you would be happy to live under a communist government that denied people their freedom. America don’t fear Cuba, they just wanted to see human rights installed and instilled in the country and for the people to be free. 

They wanted to prevent war with Russia if the Russian keeps berthing their military navy ships in Cuba, not that America fear Russia but for the lives that could’ve been affected.

When you call people undocumented that is a politically correct term, but in real truth its called illegal, that is why they have no document because they are not legal but they are being helped only the criminal illegals that are being removed. 

And as far as home grown terrorist, it’s not just America other countries too including Canada. 

You yourself reminded me of the two white terrorists who bombed a Muslim mosque in your country. I hope you will receive some true news instead of fake news.



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