Luxury escape deal for Melbourne couple

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 28 September 2017, 12:00AM

School’s out for students in Aussie, as well as for couple, Rucio and Krysia who are spending the school holidays soaking up the resort life at Taumeasina Island Resort. 

Inviting Dear Tourist to sit with them, it was apparent that the couple was very happy to be here and enjoyed what they had seen so far. 

We asked the couple how they ended up choosing Samoa as a destination and Krysia’s approach for choosing our paradise was very similar to our Prime Minister’s strategy for choosing his Cabinet ministers - she took the guidance of a persistent but divine whisper.

“We took up a luxury escape deal that came up in my email. It just kept coming up and it was almost like I’ve been told ‘you get to Samoa.’  

“We’re from Melbourne Australia so we get all four seasons in one day but it was cold when we left and its lovely to get the warm temperature. 

“We were beginning to wonder in Melbourne where the sun went, and its definitely here in Samoa.”

Krysia works with people with disabilities and as a true empath, she told Dear Tourist that she spent some time talking to some child vendors selling leis at night time and loved interacting with them.

“We went to a cultural evening last night near the marina,” Krysia said.

“There were fire dancers and it was beautiful and amazing because it was like we were in a tin shed and then all of a sudden it just turned into a party atmosphere with music. “That was wonderful. “Leaving it, we met the children who came to sell the leis and we started talking to them and they were just wonderful. “The children are beautiful. “I asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up and one said a teacher, another one said a lawyer and one said a policewoman. “We like to get to know the culture wherever we go and we like to join in.”

Rubio is a school teacher back in Melbourne and as with most educators, he was looking to expand on what he already knew.

“We were well curious just to find out about Samoa. Our Pacific experiences have only been as far as New Zealand and Fiji and so far, Taumeasina lives up to its email promotion - it’s a luxury escape, it’s beautiful and well appointed, nicely situated, very good staff. 

 “I’m a teacher in Melbourne,” he continued, “and I have a lot of Samoan students so what I see of the students I now understand more about their attitudes to life and work etc and what I thought I knew about Samoa is very different to what it actually it is. 

“For example - the village life that we’ve seen driving around with the open houses and the fact that each village is very religious and yet still the ancient culture is still alive even though modern religion has been introduced. Every single person sings and dances and plays an instrument. so that seems to evident that music is a big part which I wasn’t aware of.”

Krysia said that as well as checking out all the beautiful tourist spots she hopes to visit a school for children with disabilities. When asked whether she was interested in volunteering, Krysia said: “ No. I just want to thank them for what they are doing. I know that its not easy.” She continued: “The hotel is a beautiful place and its a good place to rest but to get out and about that’s the way to do that’s the way to find out about the culture.

“It’s really evident that family, music and church are very important to all the people here. The landscape is absolutely stunning here; it’s like being in a movie. This morning I was looking out and it just didn’t seem real because it was too perfect.”

The couple agreed that 8 days was not enough time to see all that they wanted to see in Samoa and were already planning to make another trip back. 

Before we left the couple to enjoy their cocktails, Dear Tourist asked Carpenter and Technology teacher, Rubio what he would tell his Samoan students when he returned to Melbourne.

“I don’t think 8 days is enough to explore a place like this and also get to know the culture, there is so much to look at rather than just the natural beauty. 

“I’d tell the kids that I enjoyed their culture and that they are very lucky to have two cultures and the ability to speak two languages and I would tell them to travel far so that they can bring back to Samoa lots of information and knowledge.”

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 28 September 2017, 12:00AM

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