Saula yearns for the old days

By Ilia L. Likou 23 October 2017, 12:00AM

Sometimes taking a trip down memory lane brings back happy thoughts and the wishful desire to relive those days. 

“Life was much better in the past,” says 70-year-old father, Saula Ilalio, to the Village Voice team on Saturday.

Saula said as an elderly citizen of Samoa, he preferred life in the past.

“Let’s take a look, there is so much traffic on our roads, almost every day the road is blocked towards Apia, I mean I’m not saying that that’s not good.

“But I think that happens because so many people today rely heavily on cars for transportation and they hardly walk to help them live a healthy life,” he said.  

Reminiscing on his early days, Saula said children would spend their afternoons playing outside.

“But today, we hardy see them on the road because of the increasing number of rape and violent cases committed against our children.

“When we look inside our family, brothers and sisters have lost so much respect for each other (ava fatafata) and it’s not easy to address that now.

“It’s like we are losing so much of our traditional values and that really hurts me.”

Saula added: “Life in Samoa has changed beyond recognition in the past years and it’s easy to forget that working together is a familiar part of everyday life. 

“That’s what’s happening in today’s world, we hardly see each other as one family, people go on their own and try to prove what they can do and forget that you have a family to look after.

“A mother and a sister, a sick brother to take care of, but we find our own way to live and stay in our own comfort zones.

“Children also forget that parents are the first ones to be served before them and everyone enjoyed face to face conversations.

“Not looking at a telephone all the time while parents are trying to teach them something good and to help them before they become adults.”

Saula believes there’s always an answer to every problem.

“We need to bring back the old days in order to help our children and our families,” he said.

“Remember that united we stand, divided we fall.”

By Ilia L. Likou 23 October 2017, 12:00AM

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