Address the root causes first

Dear Editor,

What I know from the children selling stuff on the streets is that the parents need money. 

What will the MP do when he punishes the parents because they need money? That will not solve the problem that the parents have.

They need money and which is why their kids are becoming problems on the street. 

If the kids are prevented from making the money these parents need then the parents will resort to some other way of getting the money they need. 

If there are no jobs that pay them what they need to live in the new cash economy of Samoa and they can’t use their children they will resort to worse things to fulfill their need for the money they need. 

The vendor children are not the problem in Samoa; the vendor children are a symptom of a society that is falling apart. 

This is what this less than brilliant MP needs to deal with. 

He needs to deal with the root causes of poverty, and a growing gap between the rich and the poor. 

If he deals with the root cause and solve poverty and lack of opportunity the child vendor problem will solve itself. 

The H.R.P.P members are just too stubborn, too greedy, too entitled and I think maybe just too stupid to acknowledge the root problem. 

It seems they can only evaluate an issue in the most black and white simplistic kind of reasoning.



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