Laws and its impact on Samoa

Dear Editor, 

Re: Robbed of his basic right, Leo’o is “both relieved and sad”

Samoa doesn’t have a two party system, Samoa is governed by a Dictatorship system put forth by the same person running that system. 

The laws he introduced and voted in since being in office has affected Samoa’s election and growth in a huge and negative way. 

If we look at other countries and how their elections are done a free and democratic election is based on a two party system that is operated under the rules and law introduced by both parties, those countries you will see economic growth and a lower percentage in poverty. 

Look at a country’s G.D.P (gross domestic product), literacy and unemployment, which are the parameters to determine the level of poverty and Samoa is ranked on that list. 

Other countries on that list are countries ruled by a Dictator or governed by Dictatorship, and when your country is listed next to countries such as Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Haiti and North Korea to name a few, take one look at their government, a system governed by Dictatorship or ruled by a Dictator.

The biggest downfall to any election especially for those new to the game is the Matai system. We honor and take pride in our Matai system but at what point is enough enough? 

Where do we draw the line? I compare our Matai system to the pastor that takes from you every Sunday. Why isn’t the 10% tithing enough? In other words, Find a JOB. Being a Matai in the village is NOT A JOB, being a Pastor is not a JOB, why are you being paid to preach the Lords teachings? 

Matai’s literally make themselves a home at the newly elected M.P.’s home looking for handouts and or money. 

Why isn’t that illegal?

In Dr. Adam’s case it’s because of a Monotaga? Why is that a Law and not a Choice? In my ignorance I question the validity of such Law, didn’t even know there was such a Law. 

Be that it may, why would a seat be automatically given to the other candidate knowing there was a possibility of this going to court? 

Why not wait until the court rules then have the constituency vote for their candidate of choice. To take away ones freedom or ability to vote should be illegal and be recognized as an oppression of your rights as a citizen of this country to vote.

In conclusion, I respectfully disagree when I hear or read that our opinions don’t count or matter just because we live overseas. 

Our opinions might just be the most authentic and inclusive compared to those living at home. 

Don’t discount our opinions because if it weren’t for families living overseas sending financial support most wouldn’t afford minor necessities needed in taking care of our extended families not to mention the economic growth, certainly not from the government.


Stella Moors Sherman

Boston Ma

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