Under your nose

Think a minute…Years ago in South Africa a man sold his farm so he could spend the rest of his life looking for diamonds. Each year he became more desperate to find these precious, sparkling stones and become rich.

It was what he thought about and lived for every day. Yet he never found even one small diamond. Finally one day he felt so discouraged and hopeless that he threw himself into a river and drowned. 

Remember that he had sold his farm so he could start looking for diamonds. Sometime later the farm’s new owner was walking across his land and saw an unusual looking rock that turned out to be one of the largest and finest diamonds ever found.

In fact, the farmer’s land was covered with diamonds! That farm’s previous owner had sold his land to go looking for diamonds when he was already living on one of the richest diamond deposits in the world. It was ‘under his nose’ the whole time, but he did not see it!

It reminds me of a popular song years ago. A husband had become bored with his wife, so he put an advertisement in the newspaper describing the kind of fun, exciting woman he wanted to meet. Sure enough, he got a response. 

The woman who wrote him back said she liked doing all the same fun and carefree things he did. They set up a time and place to meet. You can imagine how surprised this husband was when he saw that the person who had responded to his advertisement was none other than his own wife! His dream woman who enjoyed all the same things he did was right ‘under his nose” all along!  

There is another person who has been there all the time for you. He has given all that He possibly can to share His love and life with you. But He is still waiting for you to start following Him faithfully with all your heart, so He can start leading you into the new, satisfying life He created you to enjoy with Him. 

You will never regret asking Jesus to forgive you for your own wrong way of living, and for giving Him control of every area of your life. It is the smartest and safest decision you will ever make. Just think a minute…

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